The entire world was turned upside down with the arrival of Covid-19. The way businesses operate and the way consumers interact with businesses. Everything has changed, and we are entering a new era of digitisation. 
Entrepreneurs have always been the backbone of our economy, and now even more so. Businesses need to weather new storms in order to stay open; a lack of resources, knowledge and support makes this endeavor increasingly difficult.
Izwi Lomzansi 98.0fm and CN Marketing saw an exciting opportunity to provide these resources, knowledge and support to those businesses who need a little boost. Together, we collaborated to bring you the #PimpMyBiz competition. 
The #PimpMyBiz competition is not just about having fun, but about helping small businesses reach their potential. It’s an opportunity to reach new heights and crush your goals. It’s a chance to grow and learn and improve your quality of life.
And because we want everyone to be winners, everyone who participates in the #PimpMyBiz competition will have access to exclusive deals to help their businesses reach new heights too!