Millions of South Africans have chronic conditions, whether that is diabetes, high blood pressure or HIV. The best way to manage a chronic condition is by staying on your medication. For those people who do, you can register for a free and convenient service called CCMDD.

This Central Chronic Medication Dispensing and Distribution (CCMDD) service, is a NHI initiative from the National Department of Health.

This service is even more useful during the COVID-19 pandemic when it is important to avoid places with lots of people to reduce the spread of the virus. By registering for this service you can avoid busy government clinics and collect your medication at over 200 collection points in eThekwini. Join over 300 000 people who collect from Pick up Points across eThekwini


Get Checked Go Collect supports this initiative, and seeks to combat chronic conditions, like diabetes, high blood pressure and HIV. join us for an informative twelve week series where we discuss all things chronic, especially in relation to COVID 19.

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