Now available at a reduced price of R120. The Source of Health – we’re inspired by nature and plants. Plants have been the foundation of medical treatment for all of human history. We love Africa. The cradle of humankind, where our journey, as humans started. We are inspired by the majestic natural and cultural diversity of this continent. We are inspired by the many healing plants unique to Africa, used for countless generations in holistic healing practices. We are inspired to bring you professional natural medicine, helping to make plant remedies safe and easy to use. Presenting sophisticated herbal remedies and tonics to assist the body’s natural ability to heal. Celebrating and supporting our people, making a difference to lives, through attention to health and empowerment opportunities. We support community agricultural initiatives, who cultivate and harvest in their natural environment, respecting the natural habitat of the plants and ensuring sustainable use. Naturally free from harmful chemicals. We are inspired by western biomedicine processes to bring you herbal remedies, combined with scientific methods to ensure the finest quality and trustworthy herbal extracts.