The Spark

A little over 4 months ago, the republic and the world at large were rocked with a pandemic that
sent economies and businesses that operate within them into a spiral.
This state of affairs brought many industries to a halt and forced thousands into financial despair.
So, as a radio station grounded on community, we searched for ways to give back and help out those
that cannot help themselves.
This gave rise to the “LivYoung Project”.

The Idea

The campaign is an under taking by Izwi Lomzansi and the Amabhenanyawo music group.
1. The event will be a live stream across our social networks with over 400 thousand followers as
well as live broadcast via the Izwi App and the radio station.
2. Hot Air balloons will be taking our performers into the Zululand skies and travel across the region.
3. The areas covered will be South Coast, North Coast and Inland Kzn with a vast area of nature,
tourism destinations, and human life to showcase.


4. Drones will follow the Sky performances as well covering footage of the surrounding flora and fauna.
5. Throughout the streaming, certain educational topics based on the plant and animal life of KZN will be covered and displayed for viewers.
6. Tourist hot spots will also be covered and showcased in order to remind potential visitors what they will expect when they revisit KZN.

What is in it for you?

Izwi Lomzansi is Kzn’s leading non-commercial broadcaster. Our weekly audience exceeds every other community station in the province, and our mobile offering boasts over 200 000 streams to date. We have enabled many of our advertisers to exceed their sales projections and maintain
consistent growth for over 22 years.

How you can help

In order to execute any impact project, strategic partnerships are required. These packages are
intended to serve just that. They are available to you now, to use as and when you please. Kindly
contact our marketing office for any inquiry.

Community Engagement

Our listeners are an integral part of all our campaigns. This one will be no different. Branded
promotions will be flighted on all our platforms. These promo’s will be the driving force behind
recruiting our performers.
Communities will be encouraged to nominate two DJ’s from the area, who will represent them. This
engagement will occur via the Izwi98FM app, allowing us to track and monitor the engagement, and
respond with intuitive advertising throughout the activation and live stream event. As always, data
allows us to reshape our marketing efforts, making every step along the audience experience more