Kuleli Sonto, sixoxa ngazo zonke izimpawu ezibalulekile kanye nokuskena okugcwele komzimba esikudingayo ukuze sihlale ngaphezulu kwempilo yethu. Sifinyelele ku-98.0fm ngo 8 ekseni nango 4 ntambama, noma usakaze ku-Izwi98Fm App ukuze uthole ithuba lokuwina u-R1000

Sthelo Family Clinic has a QUANTUM RESONANCE MAGNETIC SCANNER. Which is a full body scan that lets us see your vital organs such as INGQONDO, INHLIZIYO, IZINSO, ISBINDI, VITAMIN CONTENT, AMATHAMBO, ISIKHUMBA.

The full body scan can also detect things like cholesterol and vein elasticity. It is imperative that patients come and get the full body scan done, as most of the vital organs do not show any symptoms when there is a problem.

When you do a full body scan we use herbal medication to treat whatever issues we might find.

Vital signs include but are not limited to BP, GLUCOSE TEST (DIABETES), URINE TEST, WEIGHT, HEIGHT, BMI. At Sthelo Clinic we offer these tests at the low price of R220 for all of them.

Once a person finds out that any of these display values that require them to go on chronic medication we are also able to manage these illnesses by assisting you to change your lifestyle whilst you take your chronic illnesses medication. Even when you have already started taking chronic medication, all you need to do is come with a referral letter from the previous health care provider and we will gladly take over.