With Sfiso Sibisi (18H00 – 19H30 | MON & THURS )

Sfiso Sibisi

This is the host of “Sfiso Sibisi Talk” on Izwi Lomzansi 98.0FM, that brings a captivating blend of insightful discussions to the airwaves. His show, airing from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM every Monday to Thursday, delves into a diverse range of topics:

  1. Current Affairs: Sfiso keeps listeners informed about the latest happenings, news, and events, providing a platform for critical analysis and thought-provoking conversations.

  2. Financial Markets: With an astute eye on economic trends, Sfiso navigates the complexities of financial markets, offering practical insights and expert opinions.

  3. Horoscope: Tune in for celestial guidance! Sfiso explores astrological forecasts, helping listeners understand their cosmic influences and align their paths accordingly.

  4. Spiritual Wellness: In a world bustling with noise, Sfiso provides moments of reflection. His discussions on spiritual well-being, mindfulness, and inner growth resonate with audiences seeking balance and purpose.

Join Sfiso Sibisi on Izwi Lomzansi 98.0FM for an engaging and enlightening journey through these diverse realms. 🎙️📻